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Herbal Soothing Rub Massage Oil



Experience nature’s healing touch with our Herbal Soothing Rub Massage Oil. Inspired by ancient wisdom, this blend of Ginger, Turmeric, Devil’s Claw, Goldenrod, and Angelica Root is a holistic remedy for relaxation and rejuvenation.


About Product

As the famous philosopher and naturalist, Henry David Thoreau once said, “Nature itself is the best physician.” Our Herbal Soothing Rub Massage Oil embodies this sentiment, as we have harnessed the power of natural ingredients to promote relaxation and rejuvenation.

Our product is inspired by ancient wisdom and knowledge, as each ingredient has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. Ginger Root and Turmeric Root have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for their anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Devil’s Claw has been used in African traditional medicine to reduce inflammation and pain in the body, while Goldenrod has been used by Native Americans for its antispasmodic properties. Angelica Root has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to relieve stress and tension.


At the heart of our Herbal Soothing Rub Massage Oil is the belief that natural ingredients work together to promote wellness and relaxation. We have combined the nourishing properties of Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil with the healing power of Ginger Root, Turmeric Root, Devil?s Claw, Goldenrod, Angelica Root, Ginger Essential Oil, Turmeric Essential Oil, and Vitamin E Oil to create a massage oil that is both effective and gentle. Our product is plant-based, cruelty-free, and paraben-free, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of natural, ethical beauty without any compromise.

Our Herbal Soothing Rub Massage Oil comes in a 2 fl. oz. (59.147 ml) bottle, with a best buy date of 2026.


To use, simply massage deeply into your skin for about 2-3 minutes until the oil heats up. Apply as needed to soothe sore muscles and joints, relieve stress and tension, or simply indulge in a relaxing and rejuvenating massage.


A recommendation for optimal use of our Herbal Soothing Rub Massage Oil is to shake the bottle thoroughly before each application. For best results, it is suggested to use the product twice a week. This blend is intended for external use only, so please avoid any direct contact with the eyes. In case of accidental contact with the eyes, we suggest immediately rinsing with cool water.

Legal Disclaimer:

Our natural formulations are crafted in accordance with the ancient wisdom of herbal medicine. While some changes in color may occur over time, rest assured that the potency and effectiveness of our products remain unchanged. We also wish to emphasize that our products are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Our formulations are not evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As always, we encourage you to consult with your trusted healthcare provider for any medical advice and prescriptions. Thank you for choosing to embrace the healing powers of nature with our products.


Weight 4.2 oz

3 reviews for Herbal Soothing Rub Massage Oil

  1. Sarah Underwood

    This massage oil has quickly become one of my favorites. Whether for sore muscles or joint pain, a quick massage using this oil always helps. I’m really excited to try more products!

  2. Allie

    Herbal Soothing Rub Massage Oil is a fantastic product that I highly recommend to anyone in need of a soothing and relaxing massage experience. This massage oil is made with all-natural ingredients, including essential oils and plant extracts, which work together to provide a therapeutic and rejuvenating effect on the body and mind. One of the things that I love about this massage oil is how quickly it absorbs into the skin, without leaving any greasy or oily residue. This makes it perfect for use during a massage session, as it allows the therapist to apply the oil smoothly and efficiently without any interruptions. The scent of the Herbal Soothing Rub Massage Oil is also delightful. It has a fresh and herbal aroma that is both calming and invigorating, helping to promote a sense of relaxation and well-being. The blend of essential oils used in this product is carefully chosen to provide a range of therapeutic benefits, including reducing inflammation, easing muscle tension, and promoting better sleep. Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with the Herbal Soothing Rub Massage Oil. It is an excellent product that provides a range of benefits for the body and mind, and I would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a soothing and relaxing massage experience.

  3. Kareen Rackley

    This massage oil works wonders for my joint pain. The calming effect of the oil helps to relax the stiffness resulting from my knee replacement allowing me to have a better range of motion. It absorbs in the skin easily and leaves no oily residue. The aroma is very therapeutic and relaxing. Great customer service. Order is easy and delivery is quick . Thank you AmuriRose Herbal Shop.

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Herbal FAQ

What are the benefits of using herbal products?

Herbal products offer natural alternatives for health and wellness, drawing on ancient traditions and holistic practices. They can promote relaxation, enhance mental clarity, support digestion, and improve skin health, depending on the ingredients used.

Start by identifying your specific health or beauty needs. Review product descriptions, benefits, and ingredient lists on our website. For personalized advice, consider booking a consultation with one of our herbal experts.

Yes, many herbal products can be used together; however, it’s important to understand your individual needs and possible interactions. When starting new supplements or treatments, consider consulting with a healthcare provider.

Our products are made with natural ingredients, and side effects are rare. We recommend reading the ingredient list to avoid any known personal allergens and starting with smaller doses to gauge your body’s response.

There are several methods for consuming herbal extracts. One option is to take them directly into your mouth or place them under your tongue, although this may cause a burning sensation due to the alcohol content. Another preferred method is to mix the extracts with approximately two ounces of water and consume it. For a more sophisticated approach, you can add the extracts to sparkling water. The key is to ensure that you consume the entire extract, and there is no specific correct or incorrect way to do so.


Herbal Soothing Rub Massage Oil

Experience nature's healing touch with our Herbal Soothing Rub Massage Oil. Inspired by ancient wisdom, this blend of Ginger, Turmeric, Devil's Claw, Goldenrod, and Angelica Root is a holistic remedy for relaxation and rejuvenation. PLANT BASED | CRUELTY FREE | PARABEN FREE
Herbal Soothing Rub Massage Oil