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Harmony Flow Extract



Our Harmony flow extract is formulated to support mood health and emotional balance.


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About Product

Our Harmony flow extract is formulated to support mood health and emotional balance.

Discover the rich benefits of St. John’s Wort with our harmony flow extract. This harmony flow extract is made up of organic ingredients like St John wort and may be used to lessen menopausal symptoms, depressive symptoms, and several skin issues.

St John’s wort is full of nutrients that influence mood-regulating messengers in the brain. The most prevalent uses of St. John’s wort are for mood disorders and depression. This herb has analgesic, diuretic, depressive, antibacterial, and antispasmodic properties.

Our Harmony flow extract is incredibly potent and effective. This extract is quite palatable and simple to use. Our soothing blend of refreshing herbs promotes the normal function of nerves.

Key benefits:

  • John’s wort extract elevates mood and lessens depression.
  • Offers a calm and comfortable sensation.
  • Encourages a positive emotional perspective.
  • Reduces depression-related fatigue and anxiety.
  • Reduces tension and insomnia.

With this organic and affordable extract, we support your family’s mental health and well-being.


Key ingredients include Water, Food Grade Alcohol (90 %By Volume) St. John Wort (Hypericum

perforatum) This extract comes in a 2 fl. oz. (59.147 ml) bottle.

Please consult with your healthcare provider before adding any new supplements to your routine.


We recommend taking 30-40 drops or 1 1/2 droppers full 1-3 times per day,

either mixed with your favorite liquid or taken sublingually.

Shake Well Before Using


Keep away from heat!

Disclaimer: This product is not evaluated by the FDA and is not intended

to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As always, please

contact your DOCTOR for medical advice and prescriptions. For

educational purposes only.


Weight 4.2 oz

1 review for Harmony Flow Extract

  1. Kimberley

    ITS HARD FINDING INTENTIONAL PURE AND EFFECTIVE TINTURES AND I AM GREATFUL FOR YOUR Harmony Flow ( St. John’s Wort) it really helps relax and balance my nerves 😩! thank you please don’t change your formula!!

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Herbal FAQ

What are the benefits of using herbal products?

Herbal products offer natural alternatives for health and wellness, drawing on ancient traditions and holistic practices. They can promote relaxation, enhance mental clarity, support digestion, and improve skin health, depending on the ingredients used.

Start by identifying your specific health or beauty needs. Review product descriptions, benefits, and ingredient lists on our website. For personalized advice, consider booking a consultation with one of our herbal experts.

Yes, many herbal products can be used together; however, it’s important to understand your individual needs and possible interactions. When starting new supplements or treatments, consider consulting with a healthcare provider.

Our products are made with natural ingredients, and side effects are rare. We recommend reading the ingredient list to avoid any known personal allergens and starting with smaller doses to gauge your body’s response.

There are several methods for consuming herbal extracts. One option is to take them directly into your mouth or place them under your tongue, although this may cause a burning sensation due to the alcohol content. Another preferred method is to mix the extracts with approximately two ounces of water and consume it. For a more sophisticated approach, you can add the extracts to sparkling water. The key is to ensure that you consume the entire extract, and there is no specific correct or incorrect way to do so.


Harmony Flow Extract

Our Harmony flow extract is formulated to support mood health and emotional balance.  
Harmony Flow Extract